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Episode 27: John Lee Dumas talks design and entrepreneurial principles

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Our guest needs no introduction … drum roll please … John Lee Dumas is in the house and prepared to ignite!

That’s right, John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire joins me today to share how to build your own true fan base, something that is vital to the success of any business.

What is the difference between a follower and a true fan? True fans are evangelists who do the leg work for you to grow your audience. They share and spread your message. They are critical and vital to your success.

About John Lee Dumas:

John Lee Dumas created the first ever 7-day-a-week podcast. Then he went on to create the world’s #1 online community for anyone wanting to create podcast shows.

His fan base is lovingly known as Fire Nation. Many of his fans have been listening to his podcasts since the beginning when John was kind of awful at hosting them. He was clueless and trying to do something, and that resonated with people. He improved over time and generated an amazingly loyal following.

Fire Nation represents an intimate connection he was able to form with a group of individuals that he interacts with on a consistent basis.

His audience tells him how to monetize. Listeners share their pain points and obstacles with him. His audience is the tipping point to bringing monetization. His audience tells him what they want in solutions and products.

Oh what a relief it is … when John provides valuable content to his audience. You, too, need to provide products, solutions, and content that benefits both you and your audience. Your audience is starving for something—starving enough to pay for products; if they are worthwhile and valuable.

However, John has not always been successful. He is authentic and transparent. He is willing to share income reports that detail his successes and failures. Don’t spend energy, effort, and money doing stuff that he has proven doesn’t work. He is here to help you!

What John Lee Dumas Will Help You Overcome:

John is here to share with you the power of creating those TRUE fans and will deliver value upon value along with his 3 super-powerful tips for creating your own loyal following.

John Lee Dumas’ Actionable Tips: Provide free, valuable, and consistent content to an audience.

  1. Free: Podcast, blog, video show or other platform that is free for people to consume.
  2. Valuable: Set up platform to provide valuable content such as having experts as guests.
  3. Consistence: Be dedicated to being consistent as to how often you provide that free, valuable content.

John Lee Dumas’ Top Quotes:

  • “A true fan is going to be somebody that is at work, and they’re saying to their colleagues, ‘You know, I was driving into work today, and I was inspired by this. And I really want to share this with you and really encourage you to go ahead and listen.”
  • A lot of Fire Nation feels like they’ve grown with me.”
  • “It took me a while to get here but I brought my audience with me.”
  • “We don’t have it all figured out right now, but we’re gonna get there. And let’s get there together.”
  • “What is that thing that they are so hungry for?”
  • “Create something that is everything.”
  • “I’m so lucky that this bombed.”
  • “We share all of our wins, all of our successes.”
  • “Try not to become a person of success, but rather become a person of value.” – Albert Einstein
  • “People never actually fail, they just quit.”

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